Signature Shampoo 375ml

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"Honestly the best daily I have used, my hair is so shiny and I don't even need styling products. So pleased" - Bethany J
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Benefits with:

Perfect daily shampoo
Won’t weigh your hair down
Adds natural body and bounce
Adds light hydration
Suited to flat, slightly dry hair that lacks body

Bundle & Save

For maximum results upgrade to the Signature Duo containing the Signature Shampoo and Signature Conditioner.

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Signature shampoo is a must have for those who wash those who wash their hair daily. 

A gentle cleanser for everyday use, this formulation gently cleanses without drying out the hair and scalp or removing natural oils.

Signature Shampoo 375ml

Regular price $50
Sale price $50 Regular price

Before & Afters

See the LIVANI difference

"My hair was so damaged I thought it couldn’t be fixed. Finally found a product that works an has helped my hair."

- Emma T

"I can happily say I've found my new favourite shampoo for blondes"

- Brittany J

"I've tried fixing my hair issues for 30 years and never found anything as good as this!""

- Charlotte S

"Thank you Livani, thats all I have to say you have fixed my hair issues"

- Louisa R

"Very moisturising and my hair looks so shiny. I ordered online and it arrived within two days."

- Steph L

"My hair is so much more controllable and looks and feels so much healthier. Really happy with my results"

- Miriam S

"Honestly the best daily shampoo I have used, my hair is so shiny and doesn’t feel heavy at all."

- Eva S

"These products actually work so well. My hair has never looked and felt so beautiful."

- Greta

The Key Ingredients

Rice Protein

Creates volume and improves manageability and shine

Olive fruit oil

This adds light moisture and softens the hair

Cinnamon Bark

Stimulates circulation to the scalp and encourages new hair growth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Louise Dore

So far so good just started using it

Susan Yates

Signature Shampoo 375ml

Hailey Cook

Livani products are great. They work so beautifully in my hair and they are so gentle.
The smell is DIVINE!

Mary Helbig

Such a great range! Its great for people like me that wash there hair daily doesn't feel heavy in my hair at all. it actually gives my hair volume.
so happy with the results.

Maddison Alsop

My hair is super fine and all products make my hair so heavy, except for Livani products. I can was my hair everyday and it dissent weigh my hair down at all. Gives me hydration with a natural volume.
Im so happy and my hair has never looked better.

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