Sensitive Shampoo 375ml

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The results have been so pleasing, I am not lying when I say instant relief. My new forever shampoo - Stella Burston
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Benefits with:

Soothes irritated/inflamed itchy scalp
Restores scalps PH levels back to neutral
Hydrates dry and flakey scalp
Adds light hydration without weighing down

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Sensitive shampoo is essential for those who suffer from scalp complications. 

Gentle yet effective to your hair and scalp, this scalp soothing formula calms irritations, exfoliates flakiness and restores your scalp's PH levels for longer lasting natural results.

Sensitive Shampoo 375ml

Regular price $54
Sale price $54 Regular price

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See the LIVANI difference

"My hair was so damaged I thought it couldn’t be fixed. Finally found a product that works an has helped my hair."

- Emma T

"I can happily say I've found my new favourite shampoo for blondes"

- Brittany J

"I've tried fixing my hair issues for 30 years and never found anything as good as this!""

- Charlotte S

"Thank you Livani, thats all I have to say you have fixed my hair issues"

- Louisa R

"Very moisturising and my hair looks so shiny. I ordered online and it arrived within two days."

- Steph L

"My hair is so much more controllable and looks and feels so much healthier. Really happy with my results"

- Miriam S

"Honestly the best daily shampoo I have used, my hair is so shiny and doesn’t feel heavy at all."

- Eva S

"These products actually work so well. My hair has never looked and felt so beautiful."

- Greta

The Key Ingredients


Reduces dry skin and dandruff whilst calming any itchiness and soothing irritation.

Native Australian Wattle

Builds protein to produce moisture whilst protecting environmental aggressors and providing nourishment

Joazeiro Extract

Reduces dry skin and dandruff whilst calming irritations any reducing inflammatories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
melinda wok

I am a daily washer and this has been great!
Doesn’t make my hair feel heavy but gives me relief from my itchy scalp.

Natalie S

After first use I had no itchy scalp feeling and no flakes that day. Thankyou!!! And smells amazing

Michey Daunders

My daughters scalp has stopped itching and her hair looks brighter and healthier.

Jane P

Love it!
Been using my Duo for 2 flaky scalp, no itchiness.
I'm a happy customer.

Annabelle D

Has helped with my oily scalp. Very happy

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