Livani Smooth Nurturing Trio

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A softening trio for frizzy and difficult to manage hair. Ideal for those with unmanageable, difficult and frizzy hair.

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Livani Smooth Shampoo
A softening formula for frizzy and difficult to manage hair. Ideal for those with unmanageable, difficult and frizzy hair, this formulation smooths the kertin layers to add shine and manageability to the hair.
Livani Smooth Conditioner
A nourishing formula for damaged hair. Ideal for those with extremely dull and brittle hair, this formulation both reconstructs, protects and softens damaged hair.
Livani Nurturing Treatment
A deeply moisturising formula that reinvigorates hair. Ideal for those with extremely dehydrated, frizzy and unmanageable hair, this formulation deeply moisturises and restores manageability and shine to the hair.

Livani’s signature “Luxury Blend” is a spicy delicate floral combination of jasmine flower, geranium leaf, vetiver root, lavender, orange peel, patchouli, clove leaf and cinnamon bark essential oils. These work synergistically to elevate your mood, destress the senses and improve clarity leaving you feeling an ultimate sense of luxury.

Directions While your hair is still dry, brush to loosen any tangles. Apply shampoo to wet hair, gently massage to lather and rinse thoroughly. For optimum results, repeat shampooing for a second time. Continue to the Livani conditioning stage.

To help our environmental commitment this formulation can be purchased as a refill without a plastic pump. Bottles are made from 100% Aluminium. Refer to Livani’s Environmental Commitment


2 reviews for Livani Smooth Nurturing Trio

  1. Julz Sangsong

    Received this a a birthday gift from my mum and I can’t say enough how beautiful it has made my hair feel and smell.
    I love the treatment has me feeling like I have walked out of the salon each time I use.
    Beautiful bottles too made from aluminium

  2. Patty Alex

    Moisture shampoo – This takes all the frizz out of my hair and I usually use it twice
    Moisture conditioner – This also helps with the frizz I find
    Treatment – Now this is were the magic happens for me. My har after this is so smooth and feels so hydrated

    Really recommend this as a set for someone with dry hair and smell AMAZING

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