Livani Strengthen Shampoo

A nourishing formula for damaged hair. Ideal for those with extremely dull and brittle hair, this formulation both reconstructs and protects damaged hair.

(9 customer reviews)


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Discover the duo
Shampoo & conditioner value duo

Livani Strengthen Duo Pack

Suited to
Dull, Brittle, Damaged

Restructured, Restored, Stronger

Key ingredients
Elderflower, Rice Seed Protein, Cotton โž•

Livani’s signature “Luxury Blend”โž•

Directions โž•

To help our environmental commitment this formulation can be purchased as a refill without a plastic pump. Bottles are made from 100% Aluminium. Refer to Livaniโ€™s Environmental Commitment


The Perfect Match

  • Livani Strengthen Conditioner

    Livani Strengthen Conditioner

  • Livani Nurturing Treatment

  • Sale! Livani Strengthen Duo Pack

    Livani Strengthen Duo Pack


9 reviews for Livani Strengthen Shampoo

  1. Alicia McIntosh

    Worked magic to repair my hair. It feels so much stronger and healthier.
    Also the bottles and packaging are so beautiful and love the fact they are in a larger bottle

  2. Lauren Camron

    Has been great for my damaged hair.
    I noticed results after just 2 weeks, I use the nurturing treatment with this shampoo and has really transformed my hair. Love the aluminium bottles too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Maggie J

    My hair was so damaged from over colouring it.
    Ive noticed massive results and I really feel it has strengthened my hair

  4. Anantaya A

    The strengthen shampoo has work so well in my hair. Has repaired my damaged hair after such a short time of using it.
    Love it!

  5. Sally Christie

    Been Great for repairing my hair. Also obsessed with the conditioner

  6. Maria Terenders

    Read about on a blog for damaged hair and certainly not disappointed.
    My hair was really damaged from over colouring and using this shampoo and conditioner has turned my hair health around.
    My hair feels so amazing and even has some shine back.
    Canโ€™t recommend enough would give 6 stars if I could lol ????

  7. Goylai Z

    Picked this one up from my local hairdresser and have never looked back.
    Gonna grab the conditioner next time. A must try

  8. Lauren Byron

    Feeling so smooth after first use.
    Love it

  9. Kerrie Ranjaka

    Had damaged hair from terrible salon visit.
    After just three uses this has worked wonders.
    A must try for damaged hair and vegan

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