Livani Strengthen Duo Pack

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A nourishing duo for damaged hair. Ideal for those with extremely dull and brittle hair.

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Contains Livani Strengthen Shampoo
A nourishing formula for damaged hair. Ideal for those with extremely dull and brittle hair, this formulation both reconstructs and protects damaged hair.
Livani Strengthen Conditioner
A nourishing formula for damaged hair. Ideal for those with extremely dull and brittle hair, this formulation both reconstructs, protects and softens damaged hair.

Livani’s signature “Luxury Blend” is a spicy delicate floral combination of jasmine flower, geranium leaf, vetiver root, lavender, orange peel, patchouli, clove leaf and cinnamon bark essential oils. These work synergistically to elevate your mood, destress the senses and improve clarity leaving you feeling an ultimate sense of luxury.

To help our environmental commitment this formulation can be purchased as a refill without a plastic pump. Bottles are made from 100% Aluminium. Refer to Livani’s Environmental Commitment


11 reviews for Livani Strengthen Duo Pack

  1. Cassie South

    LOVING IT…. been using for about a month and the results keep coming, my hair hasn’t felt this strong and healthy in years, best vegan product on the market

  2. Sunny Lee

    Fantastic duo set. I tried after a friend recommended and I’m not disappointed.
    My hair is looking so much shinier after just 3 uses and feels so much healthier. Love the aluminium packaging too great for environment.

  3. Monica K

    Best repairing shampoo and conditioner I have tried. I had results after first use my hair feels stronger and looks more healthy

  4. Rachel Wynne

    I ordered this strengthen shampoo online after a friend recommended, it arrived after only 2 days.
    Have loved using this shampoo and conditioner. I can feel the results almost right away.
    My hair feels so much stronger and looks so shiny. Bets of all smells like im in a spa each time I use. Love it xx

  5. Isabelle Ogilvie

    The best repairing shampoo conditioner I have tried and smells AMAZING.
    Noticed results after the first use

  6. Vivien Jenner

    My hair was quiet damaged and tried this shampoo conditioner after a friend recommended. I am so happy with the results my hair is feeling so much more soft and silky and leaves a beautiful shine.
    The bottles are also absolutely beautiful in aluminium ????

  7. Elaine R

    This shampoo conditioner has worked amazing results to my hair.
    My hair was very dry and damaged. I tried this after my hairdresser recommended and I was sceptical at first as it was vegan. After having trying it at the basin in salon I was sold and haven’t been left disappointed. Beautiful

  8. Sophie Willis

    Repaired my dry and damaged hair, noticed results after first use.
    Obsessed and love the aluminium bottle WOW

  9. Maria Bartena

    Beautiful smell, beautiful packaging and most of all beautiful product

  10. Kristina Jennekis

    Loving this sham cond set.
    Most of all I love the way my comb glides through my hair after use.
    Great detangling

  11. Maria Terenders

    Read about on a blog for damaged hair and certainly not disappointed.
    My hair was really damaged from over colouring and using this shampoo and conditioner has turned my hair health around.
    My hair feels so amazing and even has some shine back.
    Can’t recommend enough would give 6 stars if I could lol ????

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