Livani Signature Shampoo

A gentle cleanser for everyday use. Ideal for those who wash their hair daily, this formulation gently cleanses without drying out the hair and scalp or removing natural oils.

(23 customer reviews)


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Discover the duo
Shampoo & conditioner value duo

Livani Signature Duo Pack

Suited to
Flat, naturally healthy, wash daily

Refreshed, Weightless, Natural Body

Key ingredients
Olive Fruit Oil, Rice Protein

Livani’s signature “Luxury Blend”


To help our environmental commitment this formulation can be purchased as a refill without a plastic pump. Bottles are made from 100% Aluminium. Refer to Livani’s Environmental Commitment


23 reviews for Livani Signature Shampoo

  1. Martin

    I tried my wife’s shampoo once and couldn’t believe the difference with what I was using before. My scalp felt massaged and the smell was amazing. Will never use another product again.

  2. Rebecca Oldfield (verified owner)

    Love the sustainable packaging!
My hair feels so soft and looks so shiny. I recommend : )

  3. Bethany Lindeman (verified owner)

    Honestly the best daily shampoo I have used, my hair is so shiny and don’t even need styling products. So pleased

  4. Sophie N (verified owner)

    This is the perfect every day shampoo.
Has me feeling like im in the salon each time I use which is perfect in these times.
The shine it adds to my hair to my hair is superb.
A must try :)))

  5. Natalie Flier

    SUPER….all you need for a daily and no nasties :))

  6. Michelle Davidson

    Such a beautiful vegan shampoo. My hair feels so fresh and weightless each time I use.
    Love the aluminium bottles

  7. Georgia Waters

    My new daily go-to
    Smells amazing and so weightless.

  8. Helen Baramilis

    Thank you Livani Haircare for my Signature Shampoo and Conditioner, I’m sooo happy how my hair feels weightless, lush and soft each time, smells delicious too :))))

  9. Nikki Kentos

    Perfect for every day use. I started with the moisture set and was looking for something I could rotate with and use every day. This as been the answer to all my questions and best of all they are all natural. Love the bottles and smell

  10. Jenny Ngyuen

    Loving my hair incredible product and its Australian Made #supportlocal

  11. Christine Junes

    Received this Duo set as a gift from my partner and can’t say enough good things. Smells like I am in a spa each time I take a shower and my hair feels so weightless. PERFECT

  12. Leonie Marcus

    The best vegan product I have ever tried. Leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky. The conditioner works amazingly too

  13. Sandy Niamsen

    Love everything about this. The bottle is beautiful and made from aluminium SOO COOL. My hair feels so soft after just the first use. A must try

  14. Sarah Conners

    Loving this product my hair feels so silky. Smells amazing

  15. Tina Curzen

    Such an amazing product, I can use this every day and my hair doesn’t feel weighed down.
    LOVE the smell!!!

  16. Tinner S (verified owner)

    Love this Signature shampoo and conditioner. So weightless and as a set i can use it each day without getting weighed down. Smells like a day spa

  17. Tina Skenner (verified owner)

    My hair has never felt and looked so great. Love it

  18. Seems Dhajani (verified owner)

    Ive never used a natural vegan product that leave my hair feeling so amazing. Its true when they say luxury

  19. June Davies (verified owner)

Such an amazing shampoo and conditioner, experienced it for the first time at my hairdresser and fell in love with the smell.
Use as a daily and it doesn’t weigh down my hair at all and allows me to style easily.
Yes Yes Yes!

  20. Natalie Hairen (verified owner)

    Have been looking for a daily shampoo and this done the trick.
Ordered online and arrived quickly in beautiful packaging

  21. Mimi Lee (verified owner)

    Noticed results after the first use.
My hair is so light and easy to style.
Best vegan product I have tried and looooove the frangrance

  22. Maria Meni (verified owner)

    Beautiful vegan product and absolutely love the feel of my hair

  23. Vanessa Bailey (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful product to use. My hair smells so amazing each time I use and feels so silky soft.
I highly recommend

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