Livani Blonde Duo Pack Medium/Thick Hair

Livani Blonde Duo Pack Medium/Thick Hair

This duo tones and combats brassiness. Ideal for those with blonde, silver and grey hair and for those with medium to thick hair or dry hair.
(29 customer reviews)

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Suited to
Brassy, Dehydrated, Brittle

Toned, Moisturised, Restored

Key ingredients
Organic Silver Linden, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Organic Silver Linden, Vanilla, Elderberry Extract

Livani’s signature “Luxury Blend”


To help our environmental commitment this formulation can be purchased as a refill without a plastic pump. Bottles are made from 100% Aluminium. Refer to Livani’s Environmental Commitment


29 reviews for Livani Blonde Duo Pack Medium/Thick Hair

  1. Mary Cook

    WOW this blonde shampoo is amazing! Love that its vegan and sustainable. Ticks all the boxes.

  2. Susan.G

    Super impressed! Loving how these products make my hair look feel : )

  3. Christine Tober

    Purple shampoos make my hair so dry usually. I can’t believe how beautiful my hair feels after using these products. My blonde looks refreshed again, really healthy and shiny. Can’t recommend enough!

  4. Natalie Lorenzo

    These products are divine!

  5. Victoria Bardolph

    This conditioner has my hair feeling healthy and hydrated.
Really happy with it.

  6. Bella Goethe

    I have very thick hair, it has moisturised my hair without it feeling heavy.
I can still wear it as I like. Smells amazing too

  7. Savannah T

    Enjoyed using it so much.
Once I started using that was just the beginning, the results are I am so happy with, my hair feels so moisturised and looks so shiny.

  8. Nora Bennett

    I have long Blonde hair and it gets very brassy and dry. I loveee the blonde Livani range keeps my blonde refreshed and surprisingly so soft and shiny. Can’t recommend enough!

  9. Jessica Reynolds

    Obsessed with the blonde range. My blonde stays looking so amazing till my next visit to the hairdresser and it is getting healthier. I can’t believe it, soooo happy.

  10. Claudia Arndell

    Had issues with my hair it was so damaged and the strengthen conditioner has really helped to fix my hair.
    My hair always feels so soft and healthy after using it.
    Combined it with the blonde shampoo to tone and results have been so pleasing

  11. Stephanie H

    Incredible results and I’m so happy with this shampoo.
    It’s toned me perfectly and my hair feels amazing so soft.
    BEST Blonde Shampoo I’ve tried

  12. Jessica Winsor

    Been a blonde for years and have never tried such a beautiful product. The way it has my hair looking so shiny and feeling so full of life is amazing. 10/10

  13. Jessica Hernandez

    I’ve always found it difficult to find a blonde shampoo that doesn’t dry my hair out. Livani blonde tones and strengthens my hair all at once. My hair has never felt so soft and healthy.
    Beautiful products!

  14. Grace B

    Such a hydrating conditioner. Works as well as getting an in salon treatment.

  15. Diane Reed

    Obsessed with my results. Love the fact this is Australian made and make my hair feel and look amazing. Must try

  16. Nikki Astakos

    Incredible results and I’m so happy with this shampoo and conditioner.
    It’s toned me perfectly and my hair feels amazing so soft.
    BEST Blonde Shampoo I’ve tried

  17. Angela Theodoki

    Thank you Livani my hair has never felt better.
I’ve always battled with dry hair and this conditioner is so moisturising in my hair.

  18. Sammy Jane

    I’ve always battled with really dry hair and this conditioner is so hydrating in my hair.
My hair has never looked so shiny.

  19. Sammy Jane

    Beautiful products! Love the smell too.

  20. Kimmy Lane

    Best moisturising conditioner I’ve ever used. Can’t believe its a vegan product and works so well.

  21. Katrina zouvrous

    My hair is really thick and dry Livani conditioner makes my hair feel so soft and look so shiny.
Amazing conditioner!

  22. Tracey Andrews

    My hair is feeling so much healthier and hydrated after using.
Feels so luxe in my hair and smells beautiful

  23. Teena S

    Loving my blonde shampoo has toned my hair perfectly

  24. Alison Tendars

    Best natural shampoo ever and it smells absolutely divine. Can’t recommend enough especially this blonde shampoo and conditioner

  25. Tanna R

    Toned and moisturised all in 1 go. Amazing product and love the packaging how it’s aluminium and recyclable

  26. Sophie D

    Just changed to this purple shampoo after my hairdresser recommended.
    Best move I made, my blonde looks flawless

  27. Maria S

    Has to be the best purple shampoo I’ve tried.
    Amazing results on how moisturised my hair feels too.
    Liquid gold

  28. Kylie Squender

    To find a natural product that does this and produces these results is just amazing.
    I was always sceptical of vegan products but this is a game changer.
    Must have for all blondes

  29. Tess Jacinta

    Bought this blonde shampoo and conditioner after my hairdresser used on me in salon and I’m loving the results.
    My hair is toned perfectly and feels really soft

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